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Of Chinese noodles and a new Compaq computer.

I had chinese noodles just now. Fantastic stuff. I decided to re-join again bc I found this Russian person and we are friends. Anyway, Coll bought me a Compaq. She is the best sister ever. <3

Anyways, I am in need of some H20... Chinese noodles are salty as hell. I am going to take pix with my 3DS XL and put them on FB. I want to walk with her around the block a few times bc both her and I need to walk off our dinners, plus she is a good conversationalist. It looks like snow and very well could be. I love when the snow falls.

I need to tell Mary (the staffer not the resident... we have two Marys and two Colleens. It gets confusing at times.) about how the staff store my computer and 3DS XL... they take it somewheres and I get them back in the morning... bc when I had them here in the room, I was not sleeping well... so Shar told me to leave them with her and I would have them back.

I am seriously thinking of buying a cellphone just for Coll (staffer)'s ringtone. It is so funny! Chipmunks farting and laughing. You need a warped sense of humor to understand what I mean.

Oh yeah! This is supposed to be an intro but I kind of veered OT. Ok, here, we, go!!!

I couldn't get the TARDIS but I did score the 11th dr. And he is just hot stuff eh? Gosh, the looks, the accent, the poise he carried himself around? Yessss,,,, Well, here I am in a nutshell.

I am first and foremost a gamer. I like any kind of games except those shooters and army crap, also I am not much for p2p games. My dear nephew wanted me to get addicted to WoW but no... I wouldn't know the first thing to do. I do want to try Mindcraft. It looks good. I mainly play the Sims 1-3. And I <3 Pokemon.

I have a very high IQ but I do also have paranoid schizophrenia. I am what you call an idiot savant. Sometimes being mentally ill can have it's interesting way with you.

I love David Duchovny (still after all these years....) and I love Leonardo DiCaprio so bad it hurts and I hate his fake-as-hell model gfs.

I need to buy a Nook bc all (except 3 of mine) the books in the house got thrown away bc of our recent bedbug invasion.

I also talk too much...

Anything else, that you need burning answers, ask away mon amies.
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Just woke up....


I decided to do this. Add me if you are interested. My entry is right here.

Anyways, I need to get a new adaptor for my 3DS XL bc the prongs are badly bent. Maybe if I can get myself some pliers I can straighten them but... idk. I will ask Dave when he comes if he has any pliers. I hope so. I can't afford a new one this month... got lots of stuff to do (like shop for gifts for Coll & Grandma and maybe Karen too...)

Christmas is a holy terror at the mall. I thank god that I am Jewish. Hanukkah is an easier holiday to buy for. XD

I will leave you with the Hanukkah song.

pepsi yum

A late night post...

Here is another video from my teen years. I loved this song... still do. For Lucy Worsley fans such as I am, I couldn't pass on this documentary. I love different docs on Youtube.

It's about King Henry the Eighth and how he went from Tudor's high society to... well, I don't want to wreck it for y'all. I might hit the sack as soon as I post this...

Well, I will be back tomorrow.
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Ladies and gents, the death kraken comes for your souls

LMAO. Kidding... (actually no.. look behind you.) I am just waiting for my nice spaghetti dinner.

Tomorrow, TWD is on, I missed two eps now bc my tv is on the blink. :( I hope that Coll can fix it again, bc I need my Daryl / Negan fix. I think Negan is an is bloodthirsty fuck true, but he is the comedic relief, well that is what I think anyways... and Mr. Sexy Motorcycle dude? *drools* Rick needs an enema but his kid? OMFG! Love the hair. He is purrfect. You can tell I love TWD eh? LMAO

I am going to add some pix sometimes soon bc my computer has an SD card reader. I will put them on my Imgur account.


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No offense to my American friends... Jon and Coco, (among others) but teh Timmies is like liquid gold here in Canada. :)
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i love the Eighties

Maybe not everything was rosey for me in the 80's, but most of that decade was epic. We had the Breakfast Club, we had a really young and fresh Madonna, NKOTB, Debbie Gibson, we even had Johnny Galecki before he went super geek on Roseanne. It was a great time to be alive and a teenager.

It started really with Jermaine Stewart in 1986. I was 13 and just enthralled by his energy and the message that you don't need sex to have fun. Then, it was all about dressing up for Hallow'en like Madonna. My friend Phaedra wanted to dress up like Madonna in 'Dress You Up' (or whatever) I forget what I was but it was awesome to see Phaedra dressed up like the Material Girl. (no bullet bras... that came out later.)

My favorite eighties movie had to be the Breakfast Club. The part where Molly's character put on lipstick with her boobs was just so cool... I think I tried that... with disastrous results.. lolz. It also cemented my love of Emilio Estevez. <3 I also loved Corey Haim. I was devastated when I found out he died. :(

Anyways, it's 2017 and next year I will be 44. Forty fucking four. I am not afraid to age.... I just want to age gracefully like my maternal nana. She was a beautician and did my colors, I forget what she told me that I was, but I just liked trying on makeup. RIP Nana <3

Well... that's all I have ... I do have to hand in my computer to Mary along with my gaming gear... I get a better sleep when I don't have these.

Sam your eighties chicklet